Available Tenders
LKN15/2022; LKN 16/2022; LKN 17/2022 : LKN 18/2022Request for service providers to render cleaning service to the Departmental Offices in KwaZulu-Natal for a period of 36 months KwaZulu-Natal03/02/2023 00:00Attachment
LKN19/2022Request for service providers to render security services at the Ulundi Labour centre KwaZulu-Natal03/02/2023 00:00Attachment
TCF03:2022/23The Appointment of a service Provider to manage, Dispense and Distribute Chrnic Medication to Compensation's fund COIDA Patients for a period of thirty-six (36) MonthsCompensation Fund 15/12/2022 11:00Attachment