HR 4/ 4/3/1CCA/UIF 10/2/2023Call Centre AgentOpen
HR 5/1/2/3/4410/2/2023Admin Clerk: Legal Services Open
HR 5/1/2/3/53 10/2/2023Inbound Agent: Contact CentreOpen
Durban Labour Centre- Ref No: HR4/4/5/45  Pietermaritzburg Labour Centre- Ref No: HR4/4/5/56 Gqeberha Labour Centre- Ref No: HR4/4/1/012 Free State- Ref No: HR 4/4/8/86510/2/2023Claim Processor: COID (X5 Posts)Open
Durban -Ref No: HR4/4/5/39 Pietermaritzburg -Ref No: HR4/4/5/43(10/2/2023UI Claims Officer: Beneficiary Services Open
Modimolle-Ref No: HR 4/4/6/163(X1 post) Kimberley-Ref No: HR4/4/8/43(X1 post) 10/2/2023Medical Adjudicator: (Professional Nurse Grade 1-3) (X2 Posts) Open
EC/2023/07/9041092710/2/2023Legal Administrative Officer (MR-3 to MR-5) Open
HR 4/4/8/86610/2/2023Claims Assessor Open
HR 5/1/2/3/5210/2/2023Finance Admin Officer: Estates Open
HR 5/1/2/3/5110/2/2023State Accountant: Debt Management Open
HR 5/1/2/3/5010/2/2023Practitioner: Human Resource Development Open
HR4/4/5/5510/2/2023COID Employer Auditor: IES Open
HR 4/ 4/3/1SADM/UIF10/2/2023State Accountant: Debtors Management Open
HR 4/ 4/3/1CCQA/UIF10/2/2023Call Centre Quality AssurerOpen
HR 4/ 4/3/1SSADM/UIF10/2/2023Senior State Accountant: Debtors Management Open
HR 4/ 4/3/1/SPEPM/UIF10/2/2023Senior Practitioner: Employee Performance Management Open
HR4/4/8/4510/2/2023Senior Administration Officer: Pension Administrator Open
HR4/4/8/4410/2/2023Senior Claims Assessor (Senior Administration Officer) Open
HR 5/1/2/3/4210/2/2023Senior Practitioner: Compliance & Assurance Audits Open
HR4/4/5/5310/2/2023Senior Administration Officer: Risk Management Open
EC/2023/07/9041114910/2/2023OHS Inspector Open
HR 4/4/6/161 10/2/2023OHS: Inspector Open
HR 4/4/6/160 10/2/2023OHS: Inspector: Civil And Construction Open
HR 4/4/6/16210/2/2023OHS Inspector: Electrical Open
Richards Bay-Ref No: HR4/4/5/34 - Modimolle- Ref No: HR 4/4/6/15910/2/2023OHS Inspector: Mechanical (X2 Posts) Open
HR 5/1/2/3/4910/2/2023Senior State Accountant: Financial Reporting Open
HR 5/1/2/3/4810/2/2023Senior State Accountant: Debt Management Open
HR 5/1/2/3/4710/2/2023Senior Practitioner: Individual Labour Relations Open
HR 5/1/2/3/4610/2/2023Assistant Director: Systems Administration Open
HR 5/1/2/3/4510/2/2023Assistant Director: Employers Compliance Open
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Vacancies advertised on the website are also available on the Department of Public Service (DPSA)'s Public Service Vacancy Circular. To apply for the advertised government vacancies one need to fill a Z83.pdf form.


Please see guide on Tips on how to complete Z83 application form for employment in Public Service . The Department has Career Counsellors who can assist on how to write your CV, prepare for interview and other career related services, the service is offered for free to all including, unemployed and youth​

Employment Services of South Africa (ESSA) has some employment opportunities that one can apply for; access the site to see other available job opportunities 


Departmental services are FREE and all Employment Agencies should register with the Department. Employment organisations/ web/ social media sites should NOT  make jobseekers pay for the job opportunities as per Employment Services Act 2014

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Archived Vacancies click here​