Public warning: beware of fraudulent tender advertisements and job opportunities
04 June 2024

The Department of Employment and Labour solemnly brings to the attention of the public, the fraudulent schemes misappropriating the Department's official insignia, letterheads, contact information, and personnel identities. The Department has identified instances where these elements are falsely employed in bogus tender notices and employment propositions, with the intent to defraud individuals.

These fraudulent offers involve false job positions or tenders, necessitating the submission of applications and the payment of fees for employment processing or training purposes. Although these communications may appear legitimate, they frequently exhibit spelling and grammatical inaccuracies and may occasionally use the actual names of the department’s staff members. These schemes may solicit personal details such as identification numbers, banking information, or other confidential data.

Please be aware that the Department imposes no fees for job applications or tender proposals. Genuine correspondence will only be issued from authenticated email addresses and contact numbers, contact numbers of provinces are listed on our official website: 

The Department advises the public to authenticate all tenders, employment openings, or other such offers against the information available on the Department’s website and the Department’s sanctioned social media channels. The Department’s social media channels handles are as follows:

social media strip-01.png
In the event of encountering such fraudulent activities, the department urges you not to engage or divulge any personal information. Should you be confronted with these scams, the department implores you to report the incidents to the relevant authorities and our Department using the official contact details provided. The Department can be contacted at the official number: 012 309 4000.

The Department requests that you share this alert within your networks to avert further victimisation by these fraudulent acts.

The Department of Employment and Labour is dedicated to maintaining transparency and upholding ethical standards and is committed to pursuing legal action against those committing these nefarious activities. The Department is grateful for the public’s assistance in preserving the trust and security of the community.

For additional information, verification, and updates, please refer to our official website or reach out to our customer service team at these toll-free numbers: 0860 101 018,
080 003 0007, and 080 032 1322.

The Department hereby issues a stern warning to the perpetrators of these scams: Cease these malevolent actions immediately, or be prepared to face stringent legal repercussions.

For inquiries, kindly contact:
Teboho Thejane
Departmental Spokesperson
082 697 0694/

Issued by: Department of Employment and Labour