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Occupatioal Health and Safety

How To Report an Occupational Disease to the Compensation Fund if you are an Employer
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The Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act requires employers to report all diseases that are caused by work.

Reporting a disease

When employers want to report a disease, they must use the following steps:

Step 1: Send the form

Employers must fill in the Employer’s Report of an Occupational Disease (W.Cl.1) within 14 after they find out about the disease.
They must send it to:
The Compensation Commissioner
PO Box 955

Step 2: Send follow-up information

Employers must also send in a:
  • First Medical Report for an Occupational Disease (W.Cl.22);
  • Claim for Compensation for an Occupational Disease (W.Cl.14);
  • Progress Medical Reports (W.Cl.22) until the worker’s illness is stable;
  • Final Medical Report of an Occupational Disease (W.Cl.26) once the worker is stable; and an· 
  • Audiogram if the worker became deaf because of noise at the workplace.

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