National Minimum Wage Commission

The Commission is established according to Section 8 of the National Minimum Wages Act that provides for the establishment of a National Minimum Wage Commission. The appointments include: independent experts, representatives of organised business, organised community and organised labour respectively to serve on the NMW Commission.


The NMWC will take over the functions of the Employment Conditions Commission (ECC) that has been presiding on the Sectoral Determinations (SDs).


Some of the function of the Commission include the following:


  • Reviewing the NMW and recommending its adjustment;
  • Investigating and reporting to the Minister on the impact of the NMW on the economy and collective bargaining.
  • Investigating income differentials and advising the Minister on measures to reduce income differentials;
  • Setting medium term targets for the national minimum wage within three years of the commencement of this Act;
  • Advising the Minister on sectoral determinations; and
  • Advising the Minister on any matter concerning basic conditions of employment




  • Prof Adrian van der Walt (Chair) , Prof Imraan Valodia, Dr Neva Makgetla, Dr Sarah Mosoetsa (independent experts);
  • Mr. Kaizer Moyane (BUSA), Mr. Jonathan Goldberg (BUSA), Ms. Jahni de Villiers (BUSA) (business representatives);
  • Mr. Edward Thobejane (NACTU), Mr. Solly Phetoe (COSATU), Mr. Trenton Esley (FEDUSA) (labour representatives);
  • Ms. Isobel Frye (Financial Sector Coalition Campaign), Ms. Conti Matlakala (Women's National Coalition), Mr. Tumelo Zwane (South African Youth Council) (community representatives).