Department of Labour cautions public as scammers continues unrestraint on social media


The Department of Labour wishes to reiterate its warning to the public to remain on the alert of a scam that continues unabated on social media promising them a pay out of R30 000.


The scammers have re-created a fake Department of Labour website in which they ask members of the public to check if their names appear on the list of those that are entitled to withdraw these funds.


The fake website says “workers who have worked between 1990 and 2019 have the right to withdraw R30000 from Ministry of Labor and Social Security South Africa."


The Department of Labour also warns the public that the country has no “Ministry of labor and social security".


“There is no such thing as a free lunch". People who get benefits from the Department are those that have worked for them or are entitled to receive them!


The Department of Labour has not asked anyone to come forward to receive “any so-called benefits" and will never do so. Any business of the Department is conducted in its 125 offices that are spread across the country. When in doubt visit the Department of Labour Provincial Offices or a Labour Centres to seek information.


There is no list of names of people who have a right to withdraw funds from government of South Africa. Once a member of the public comes across information on the supposed pay out benefits do not even bother to share this information with anyone.  


Members of the public should not share their precious personal information on social media platforms run from soiled places.  


The Department's suite of services are also offered free of charge!!!


The public is encouraged to report such criminal acts to the SAPS or report on Department's fraud hotline on 08600 22 194 or email –



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Issued by:

Department of Labour Spokesperson

Teboho Thejane

082 697 0694