Department of Employment and Labour: Mpumalanga province concludes mega blitz inspections disappointed
18 March 2022

The Department of Employment and Labour’s Inspection and Enforcement Services (IES) in Mpumalanga Province, concluded its week-long inspections today, March 18, 2022, disappointed with the level of compliance in the province.

The Province has conducted inspections in 369 workplaces since the mega blitz inspections began on Monday,14 March 2022.   Only 49 workplaces were found to be compliant and 320 were not complying. As a result, 320 notices were issued, including contraventions, compliance and prohibition orders. Compliance level in the province stands at a mere 13 per cent. This means that for every 100 workplaces inspected, only 13 were compliant.

Many wholesalers, retailers and establishments were found wanting in terms of labour legislation resulting in several compliance and prohibition orders being issued. One of the wholesaler was totally closed due to noncompliance. The said wholesalers had not complied with even a single section in all the Employment Laws. This was a case of one of the worst compliance levels ever found. In consideration of the health and safety of the employees and the customers, inspectors were left with no choice but to totally close the workplace.

The supermarket, which had 14 employees at the time, was discovered to have some shoddy electrical installations that bridged circuits. There was also no Certificate of Compliance. The Occupational Health and Safety Act was undoubtedly violated.

Both wholesalers were found to be unregistered under the Unemployment Insurance Act and the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act. There were also violations of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, such as the failure to provide employment contracts and payslips.

The employers also failed to pay employees' wages, which were due on 15 March 2022. One informed the Inspector General of the Department that he did not have any cash on hand and that he needed to go to the bank first. This prompted the Inspector General to postpone the closure of the business until the employer paid its employees. The other employer immediately paid the employees after being questioned by the Provincial Chief Inspector, Nonyaniso Njwambe. This after she was tipped off by employees.

The presence of inspectors in areas such as Belfast slowed businesses as employers closed their businesses and vanishing and others hiding their employees.

"The mega blitz concludes today, however, our inspections are continuing and this time they would be more aggressive than before. We cannot turn a blind eye to the blatant disregard of our laws. Imagine being given an empty First Aid Box", said the Inspector General Aggy Moiloa.

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Issued by: Department of Employment and Labour