How To Register with the Compensation Fund

​​​How To Register with the Compensation Fund

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The Compensation Fund requires employers to register with the Fund.

Registering with the Compensation Fund

If employers want to register they must use the following steps:

Step 1: Fill in the form

Employers must fill in the W.As2 form. You can get the form at any labour centre or on the website.
Employers must make sure that they fill in all the questions on the form. If the Compensation Fund has to follow up on information that they did not fill in, it may take a long time to be registered.

Step 2: Send in the form

When they send the form, employers must also include a copy of –
the registration certificate  from the Registrar of Companies if they are a company or closed corporation;
or their ID document, if they are sole owners of the business.
Employers can send the form by –
mailing it to:
PO Box 955