How To Set Up Learnerships if you are a Training Provider


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How To Set Up Learnerships if you are a Training Provider

Training providers must decide what kind of training they can give. They must be accredited with SETAs before they can start training. Training providers and employers form a partnership to start learnerships.

Setting up a learnership

If training providers want to set up a learnership, they should use the following steps:

Step 1: Choose a learnership

Training providers must decide which learnerships they can provide training for.

Step 2: Ensure you are accredited

Training providers need to be accredited with a SETA. Non-accredited training providers cannot implement learnerships.
To be accredited you have to –
  • develop a curriculum for the learnership according to the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) standards;
  • follow sound education, training and development practices; and
  • register as an Education and Training Development Practitioner.
For more information on accreditation, contact the relevant SETA.

Step 3: Find employers

Once training providers have chosen a learnership, they have to find employers to give the learners practical experience.

Step 4: Agree on finding and choosing learners

Training providers and the employers that will give practical experience have to agree on –
  • how many learners they will train;
  • criteria when they choose learners; and
  • how they will find and choose learners.

Step 5: Find and choose learners

Learners can be workers of the employer or unemployed people. Contact the nearest labour centre to find out how the Department of Labour can help you find unemployed learners.

Step 6: Sign a learnership agreement

Employers, training providers and learners must sign a learnership agreement.

Step 7: Start the training

Training providers must start training on the date they agreed on in the learnership agreement.

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