Public Employment Services

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     Mr. Sam Morotoba
     Deputy Director-General
     Public Employment Service

    Tel: (012) 309 4782/3
    Fax: (012) 320 9192​

    Email:​ (for call centre)​ (for password reset only)


    Purpose: Provide assistance to companies and workers to adjust to changing labour market conditions and to regulate private employment agencies.

    Description: The programme consists of the following sub-programmes:​

   Management and Support Services

    Public Employment Services manages delegated administrative and financial responsibilities, coordinates all planning, monitoring and evaluation functions,
    and provides corporate support to line function sub programmes.​

    Employer Services, with the following functions:

      •  Register job vacancies and other work opportunities

      • Facilitate placing of work seekers with employers or in other work opportunities

      • Facilitate exchange of information among labour market participants, including employers, workers and work seekers, private employment agencies,
        Sector Education and   Training Authorities and training providers

      • Facilitating the employment of foreign nationals in a manner that is consistent with the object of this Act and the Immigration Act

      • Assists companies in distress, provides a social plan and regulates private employment agencies and Temporary Employment Services.


    Work-Seeker Services:

      • Match work-seekers with available work opportunities

      • Register work seekers, and retrenched workers, on the employment services system (ESSA)

      • Advise work seekers on access to education and training

      • Advise workers on access to social security benefits

      • Provide specialised services to assist vulnerable work-seekers; facilitates the provision of employability enhancement programmes.

  • Facilitates the provision of employability enhancement programmes (SEED​)

     Designated Groups Special Services:

     Facilitates the transfer of subsidies to designated organisations to promote the employment of people with disabilities, youth, and women, in collaboration with
     relevant bodies.

     The programme has oversight over the following entities:

     Supported Employment Enterprises (SEE​) 

      • Facilitates supported employment

      • Provides work opportunities for persons with disabilities

      • Develops and implement programmes that promote the employability of persons with disabilities, including persons with

        permanent disablement as defined in the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act, 1993 (Act No. 130 of 1993), in the light of
        their evolving needs in a changing economy

      • Performs any other function as may be prescribed by the Minister.


     Productivity South Africa

      • Promotes a culture of productivity in the workplace

      • Develops relevant productivity competencies

      • Facilitates and evaluate productivity improvement and competitiveness in workplaces

      • Measures and evaluates productivity in the workplace

      • Maintains a data-base of productivity and competitiveness systems and to publicise these systems

      • Undertakes productivity-related research

      • Supports initiatives aimed at preventing job losses; and performs any other prescribed function.

      Transfer of funds to the Compensation Fund

     Compensation Fund​

      • Provides for compensation to work place injuries and diseases. PES makes provision for the compensation of public servants in terms of the COIDA

      • Branch PES facilitates the conclusion of the Memorandum of Agreement, transfer of funding and monitoring of the entity's performance against its Strategic Plan.