Ms. Aggy Moiloa
    Deputy Director- General
    Inspection and Enforcement Service

    Ms. Zodwa Mbikwana
    Tel: 012 309 4553
    Fax: 012 309 4628
    Cell: 060 973 7151​


Description: The programme consists of the following sub-programmes

  • Management and Support Services: Inspection and Enforcement Services
  • Manages the delegated administrative and financial responsibilities of the office of the Deputy Director-General: Inspection and Enforcement Services, and provides corporate support to line function sub-programmes within the programme​ 
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  •      Promotes health and safety in the workplace by regulating dangerous activities and the use of plant and machinery
  • ​​Registration: Inspection and Enforcement Services
  •     Registers incidents relating to labour relations and occupational health and safety matters, as reported by members of the public, and communicates these to the relevant structures within the Compliance, Monitoring and Enforcement sub programme for investigation
  • Compliance, Monitoring and Enforcement Services
  •     Ensures that employers and employees comply with labour legislation through regular inspections and following up on reported incidents
  • Training of staff
  •     Inspection and Enforcement Services defrays all expenditure relating to staff training within this programme in order to easily identify this expenditure for reporting purposes
  • Statutory and Advocacy Services
  •     Gives effect to the legislative enforcement requirement and educate stakeholders on labour legislation.
  Chief Director Statutory and Advocacy Services 
   Adv Fikiswa Mncanca- Bede
   Tel: 012 3094774
   Cell: 0796990622

In order to ensure the health and safety of workers, provincial offices have been established in all the provinces. To this end, occupational health and safety inspectors from these provincial offices carry out inspections and investigations at workplaces led by the Provincial Chief Inspector (PCI). 

   Provincial Inspectors (PCIs) and Specialists - responsible for OHS related matters (not TERS/UIF)
   Eastern Cape

  Ms Patiswa Mbongwana​ (Acting PCI)
  Tel: 0437013287/ 0437013279
  Cell: 060 992 7267

  Kulungile Nkanjeni (Specialist)
  Cell: 0609927332

   Free State

  Mr Manelisi Luxande (PCI)
  Tel: 0515056325
  Cell: 0663043469

  Makalo Khoele (Specialist)
  Cell: 0760470282

  Adv Michael Msiza (PCI)
  Tel: 0123095110
  Cell: 0829008131
  Lesibe Raphale (Specialist)
  Cell: 0767649964

   Mr Edward Khambula (PCI)
   Tel: 0313662201/ 0313662203
  Cell: 0609859286

  Sandile Kubeka (Specialist)
  Cell: 0609942436

   Limpopo Province
   Mr Phaswane  Tladi (PCI)
  Tel: 0152901613
  Cell: 0825043801
  Carol Mthethwa (Specialist)
  Cell: 0716849584

  Nonyaiso Njwambe (PCI)
  Tel: 0136558775
  Cell: 082 415 7083​

  Nhlanhla Mbuyazi (Specialist)
  Cell: 0724617999

   North West
  Mr Boikie Mampuru (PCI)
  Tel: 0183878104
  Cell: 0829082308

  Lucia Ramusi (Specialist)
​  Cell: 0824900808

   Northern Cape
   Mr Ivan Vass (PCI)
   Tel: 0538381502
   Cell: 0828026796/ 0823632277

   Isaac Mohapi (Specialist)
   Cell: 0724693689

   Western Cape
  Mr David Esau (PCI)
  Tel: 0214418088/ 0214418208
  Cell: 0827914485

  Fezeka Ngalo (Specialist)
  Cell: 0827916244