SDP How to Find and Choose Unemployed Learners
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How to Find and Choose Unemployed Learners

Employers, training providers or SETAs can ask the Department to help them find unemployed learners. The Department will search on their database, hold interviews and make a list of the best unemployed people for the learnership.


Employerstraining providers or SETAs who are looking for unemployed learners for learnerships can use this service.

Finding and choosing unemployed learners

If employers, training providers or SETAs want to make use of the service of the Department to find and choose unemployed learners for their learnerships, they must use the following steps:

Step 1: Contact the nearest labour centre

Write to the Employment Services Practitioner at the nearest labour centre and ask them to find unemployed learners.
In the letter, show the –
  • name, contact person and address of their organisation;
  • type of learnership;
  • NQF level of the learnership;
  • number of learners they are looking for;
  • start date of the learnership; and
  • selection criteria (if they have decided it).
What will the Department do?
We will let you know if we can help you within 14 days.
If we are able to help, we will set up a planning meeting.


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Step 2: Attend the planning meeting

In the planning meeting the employer, training provider, SETA and Department decide what education, experience and other traits they want the learners to have.
What will the Department do?
We will search our database for unemployed people that will suit the learnership.
We will then invite 5 times as many people as is necessary to come to a briefing session.

Step 3: Attend the briefing session

Employers, training providers and SETAs can come to the briefing session if they want to.
What will the Department do?
We will tell unemployed people at the briefing about the learnership and ask them if they want to be part of it.
We will also hold interviews with people who want to be part of the learnership.
After the interviews, we will send a list to show which candidates were the best.

Step 4: Choose learners

Employers, training providers and SETAs can choose the learners they want from the list.
This service is free, but the Department may ask for help with venues when they organise the briefing sessions and interviews.

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