Department of Employment and Labour tribute to Dr Dennis George
17 May 2023

The Department of Employment and Labour expresses the deepest sense of condolences to the family of Dr Dennis George, FEDUSA, and the broader labour market community on the passing of Dr Dennis George. 

The Department shares in your sadness and loss as we remember Dr Dennis George as a person of substance. His passing comes at a time South Africa is reviewing its labour market policies. It is at this moment that we recall the immersed contribution and role he played in shaping the current labour market landscaping. His fierce but gentle contribution echoed the desires and aspirations of the working people of this land and contributed to the better governance of the labour market. 

"As a department, we are deeply saddened by the passing of this prominent figure in the South African labour movement, political activism, and business leadership, George left an indelible mark on South African society," said Minister Nxesi. 2 For many years, he served as General-Secretary of the Fedusa. 

He fought fervently for worker rights as the former General-Secretary of the Fedusa, advocating for fair wages, safe working conditions, and equal opportunities for workers.

George has made significant contributions to the department's function in terms of union registration and ensuring worker rights are protected. He was adamant that every voice, especially those of the disadvantaged, marginalized, and voiceless in society, deserved to be heard. Minister Nxesi said; “We are reminded of his unremitting determination, he defied the powers that be, refusing to remain silent in the face of oppression, confronting systemic injustices with tenacity and bravery, and advocating for transformative change that would improve the lives of all South Africans.” 

Comrade George's journey through life was indeed one of an unwavering pursuit of a better world, especially considering the vast majority of workers who endure socioeconomic difficulties. Because of his immense contribution, the labour market milieu is today experiencing relative labour market peace and labour stability. 

We do not doubt that his departure speaks about his promotion to meet many heroes and heroines who have shaped the destiny of this country. Among the stars, he will be received as a star and his contribution as a star will continue to shine brighter and brighter for the years to come. 

We extend our heartfelt condolences to his family, friends, and the entire industry. May comrade George’s soul rest in eternal peace. 

Issued by the Department of Employment and Labour​​​