Accommodation and food service activities.pdfAccommodation and food service activities
Administrative and support activities.pdfAdministrative and support activities
Agriculture, forestry & fishing.pdfAgriculture, forestry & fishing
Electricity,gas, steam & air conditioning.pdfElectricity,gas, steam & air conditioning
Employment Equity Register 2019.pdfEmployment Equity Register 2019
Financial and insurance activities.pdfFinancial and insurance activities
Human health & social work activities.pdfHuman health & social work activities
Information and communication.pdfInformation and communication
Mining & Quarrying.pdfMining & Quarrying
Professional, Science & technical activities.pdfProfessional, Science & technical activities
Public Administration & Defence; Compulsory Social Security.pdfPublic Administration & Defence; Compulsory Social Security
Real estate activities.pdfReal estate activities
Transportation & Storage.pdfTransportation & Storage
Water supply,Sewerage, water management & remediation activities.pdfWater supply,Sewerage, water management & remediation activities
Wholesale & retail trade, repair of motor vehicles & motorcycles.pdfWholesale & retail trade, repair of motor vehicles & motorcycles