HR 4/1/1/1510/4/2021UI Claims OfficerOpen
HR4/21/08/1210/4/2021Senior Personnel OfficerOpen
HR 4/4/8/48410/4/2021Senior Personnel Officer Open
HR 4/21/09/20HO10/4/2021Personal Assistant Open
HR 4/4/5/9510/4/2021Office Aid Open
HR 4/21/09/15HO 10/4/2021Office Administrator (Executive Secretary)Open
Bloemfontein Labour Centre- Ref No: HR 4/4/8/481 / Petrusburg Labour Centre- Ref No: HR 4/4/8/48210/4/2021Inspector (X2 posts)Open
HR 4/4/5/7910/4/2021Client Service Officers: Registration ServicesOpen
HR 4/21/09/37HO10/4/2021Sap Analyst (Case Management Technical Support) Open
HR 4/21/09/34HO10/4/2021Principal Inspector: Employment Equity Open
HR 4/21/09/33HO10/4/2021Director: Employment Standards: BCEA & NMW Open
HR 4/217/09/32 HO10/4/2021Director: IES Business AnalysisOpen
HR 4/21/09/31HO10/4/2021Director: Employment Standards: Employment Equity Open
HR 4/21/09/35HO10/4/2021 Assistant Director: Statutory Services (NMWA, EE) Open

Note: Application must be submitted on the Application for Employment form (Z.83). Please print and complete the form or obtain it from any Public Service Department or on this page below.

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