Baby Labour arrives early as client experiences her greatest benefit in the labour centre
03 February 2021

The Department of Employment and Labour officials do more than just process paperwork to deliver relief to struggling and expectant clients.

Sometimes they go beyond the call of duty and deliver actual bundles of joy for expectant mothers who happen to go into the labour of love in our offices.

This is what Mrs Marlene Holland found when she popped into our offices on Friday January 29 – to quickly apply for maternity benefits as she had been working until January 22.

She had hoped to quietly go back home and await her baby which was due on February 2. Even a niggling pain earlier in the morning was not going to stop her to go to the office. But it was not to be.

While busy with the forms, Mrs Holland felt the need to go to the bathroom. Suddenly loud screams echoed through the corridors and staff quickly went to check on her.

Baby Labour, as he has been named, decided to make a grand entrance while the mother was applying for his benefits. Luckily, an ever vigilant Glynnis Abrahams was on hand to usher her into a private office and had presence of mind to call Compensation Fund nurses, Ms Pozisa Busa and Khayalethu Ntshinga. Not long before she was ushered into the office, screams of joy and pain filled the labour centre. Ms Holland had received her greatest benefit.

Baby Labour had arrived – much to the consternation and relief of the mother, staff members and other visitors to the centre.

Mrs Holland was effusive in her praise for the quick thinking and service delivery beyond a call of duty when the department was called on Tuesday February 2.

"I would like to thank everyone at the Labour Centre especially Ms Abrahams and the nurses Busa and Ntshinga for an epic experience. This is really what is called the labour of love – people who love what they do and are on hand for whatever the situation calls for.

"The baby has not been named yet and everyone calls him Baby Labour! Thank you very much to everyone. Baby Labour and I are in great shape," she said. Thanks to the Cape Town team who chipped in and acted swiftly!

While this turned out well, the department would like to encourage mothers-to-be to exercise caution even though it seems our offices are well equipped to deliver. Literally.

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Musa Zondi

Acting Departmental Spokesperson


"Please continue adhering to the lockdown regulations. Wash hands or sanitise your hands regularly and wear your mask at all times.



Issued by: Department of Employment and Labour