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CCMA Director extends invitation to the Agricultural Sector to join hands

by Lloyd Ramutloa last modified 2017-11-09 10:13

8 November 2017

The Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) Director, Cameroon Morajane invited the farming sector to become part of the organisation’s initiative to engage and create a partnership and relationship to understand each other.

“Before a Commissioner can assist in resolving disputes, she/he must understand the sector. We are moving in the direction where Commissioners need to specialise in the sectors they will be assisting in”, Morajane said.

The Director was giving a word of support to attendees of the CCMA’s Director’s User Forum on Agriculture today (Wednesday) November 8, at the Park Inn Hotel in Polokwane. The forum forms part of the CCMA’s strategic efforts to engage the agricultural sector in establishing understanding and also a platform to work together in dealing with bargaining issues like challenges as well as the Commission’s Job Saving Strategy.

There were several presenters from government (Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development and Land Reform and Department of Labour), unions as well as employer organisation from the Agricultural Sector.

Phaswane Tladi, the Department of Labour’s Provincial Chief Inspector told the forum that the Department conducted Basic Conditions of Employment Act inspections at 333 workplaces and they found that 40 of those workplaces were not compliant. This was echoed by organised labour in their presentation.

He pointed out that issues of concern were minimum wage, written particulars of employment, information on pay as well as record keeping.

The last presentation from the CCMA was on case law. The presentation highlighted cases between employers and employees which has a bearing on decisions on all participants in the dispute including the Commission.

In concluding the forum, the Director told participants that it is important to have a succession plan in an organisation because when an experienced person leaves, there is a huge vacuum which affects productivity. He urged stakeholders to report on issues that they represent without focusing on time constraints.

“We can never stop learning, the each one teach one formula can never stop. One can never have too much information, when we meet there is often an information gap, whenever we have these forums, we need to strike a balance,” he said.

The Director told the Forum that since the Agricultural Sector is fragmented and not all participants attended, this is the beginning as the CCMA team will have to identify and confirm all relevant role players in the sector, determine their role and then create a facilitated platform for all role players.

For more information contact:

Onkgopotse Maditse

Contact: 011 377 6634 or 073 699 7977


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