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Wage hike for contract cleaners

by lloyd last modified 2008-11-10 14:37

Wage hike for contract cleaners

  10 November  2008

The current high inflation does herald some good news for employees in the Contract Cleaning Sector, South Africa.  As a result of CPIX for September 2008, employees in Area A will receive an increased hourly rate of R11.16 instead of the R10.50 because the increase in CPIX for September 2008 exceeded 6.25%. 

The sectoral determination is very clear that if the CPIX is more than 6.25% in year three, CPIX should be utilized to determine the new rate for Area A.  The available CPIX rate (September 2008) as released by Statistics South Africa is 13%, therefore wages will increase by 13% in Area A.

The determination also indicates that Area C wages should increase by 90% of Area A wages.  Employees in Area C therefore will receive an increase of R10.05 instead of R9.45 because Area A wages have increased to R11.16 instead of the R10.50 as indicated in the determination.

The new minimum wage rates for the sector covering the period of 1 December 2008 to 30 November 2009 are as follows:

Area A

Area B

Area C

Metropolitan Councils:

City of Cape Town, Ekurhuleni, City of Johannesburg, City of Tshwane and Nelson Mandela


Local Councils:

Emfuleni, Merafong, Mogale City, Metsimaholo, Randfontein, Stellenbosch, Westonarea

In KwaZulu-Natal excluding any area covered by a bargaining council agreement

In the rest of RSA


Rate per hour

Rate per hour


Rate per hour

01/12/2008 to 30/11/2009

R 11.16**

Same rates as prescribed by the Bargaining Council.

01/12/2008 to 30/11/2009

R 10.05***

·          **Area A:  If CPIX is higher than 6.25% in year three, then the increase in year three will be equal to the CPIX. (The available CPIX utilised was the one for September which stands at 13%, which means that because CPIX is higher than 6.25% the rate to be utilised is 13%.

·          ***Area B:  90% of Area A rate per hour.




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