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The mushrooming of illegitimate labour inspectors, a worrying trend employers and employees need to be wary of

by lloyd last modified 2016-09-08 13:31

8 September 2016

The Department of Labour is concerned about the continued mushrooming of bogus labour inspectors who are masquerading as legitimate officials of the Department of Labour and milking unsuspecting employers of their monies.  The Department has learnt of some illicit dealings of a few individuals impersonating legitimate labour inspectors in different towns within the Free State province.

One such individual calls himself K.E Sengape and is said to be operating in and around the Bloemfontein area.  The second one the Department has been made aware of calls himself Aaron Mofokeng and was spotted operating in and around Bethlehem in the Eastern Free State. The third one goes by the name of Jerry and claims to be based at Reddesburg Post Office, Xhariep district of the Free State province.

As part of their modus operandi, these villains seem to be targeting famers and the farming community due to reasons only known to them.  In all three cases reported the targets were farmers.

This bogus inspectors visit workplaces to conduct illegal inspections and thereafter issue employers with illegitimate inspection reports and contravention notices.

Unsuspecting employers are coerced and intimidated by these deceitful individuals into believing that they are to face the music and the full might of the law if they do not accede to their demands.

All employers are therefore warned of this disturbing trend of these bogus labour inspectors mushrooming and therefore, in one way or the other, end up souring the working relationship between the Department of Labour, employers and employees in various sectors of our economy.

Legitimate labour inspectors should always carry and be able to produce either the inspector’s card or their appointment certificates.  However, due to the fact that these criminals are nowadays technologically savvy and can easily manufacture their own illegal identification cards, employers and employees are advised to call the Department of Labour should they have reasons to suspect foul play to verify if this person indeed works for the Department.  The numbers to call are as follows; 051 505 6231 / 051 505 6230 or can email the Department’s fraud line email: or contact:  0860 022 194.

“We would also like to warn employers that the only way to avert lawful punitive measures being instituted against them for noncompliance is nothing but to fully comply with all labour laws.  If there are unbecoming findings made by the labour inspectors post the inspection, just ask as to how to comply and do just that”, said Amanda Mantutle – Acting Provincial Chief Inspector for Free State.

“Employers are also warned never to deposit monies into personal bank accounts of anyone, irrespective it is a legitimate or illegitimate labour official, or agree to do certain favours for the person conducting the inspection in exchange for a more favourable inspection outcome. You do so, you do it at your own peril and thereby play right in the hands of these criminals”, concluded Ms. Mantutle.

Issued by: Josial Ramokoena

Provincial Spokesperson: Free State

083 292 4018

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