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Department of Labour to host stakeholders' seminar in the Contract Cleaning Sector

by lloyd last modified 2014-06-04 10:25

03 June 2014

Workers and employers under contract cleaning sector will this month be given a platform to discuss issues that affect them.

This sector governs employers and employees associated for the purpose of cleaning or washing of furniture, windows, carpets, doors, floors, tools, machinery, under supervision at industrial and commercial premises, buildings and flats that are let commercially or any airplanes, trucks, cars, buses, trains or any other vehicle required to be cleaned.

Different stakeholders such as Unions, Statistics South Africa, Home Affairs Commission for Conciliating, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) will be converging under the Department of Labour umbrella to discuss issues such as what an employer under this sector needs to do to be able to appoint a non South African, what are the trends in terms of internal and external migration within the sector, what are the issues affecting the workers in this sector as well as those that affects the employers, what the statistics are saying in terms of injuries around this sectors and what needs to be done when a fatality or injury occurs in this type of a workplace.

Media is invited

Venue         : Hunters rest, Rustenburg; NW Province

Date             : 13 June 2014

Time             : 08:00

The Department of Labour has further reserved the 12 of June to train shop stewards in an effort to empower them and creating a conducive environment for both workers and employers in  the sector.

Enquiries             : Orpa Mathabe

  074 821 3313

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