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Amended Labour Relations Act

by lloyd last modified 2010-08-26 05:39

111. Appeals from registrar's decision

Labour Relations Act (No. 66 of 1995 )
as amended by the
Amendment - Afrikaans Labour Relations Act 1998, Amendment - Labour Relations Act 1996, Amendment - Labour Relations Act 1998, Amendment - Labour Relations Act 2000, and  Amendment - Labour Relations Act 2002

Chapter 6 : Trade Unions And Employers' Organisations

Part D : Appeals From Registrar's Decision

111. Appeals from registrar's decision

(1)           Within 30 days of the written notice of a decision of the registrar, any person who is aggrieved by the decision may demand in writing that the registrar provide written reasons for the decision.


(2)           The registrar must give the applicant written reasons for the decision within 30 days of receiving a demand in terms of subsection (1).


(3)           Any person who is aggrieved by a decision of the registrar may appeal to the Labour Court against that decision, within 60 days of-


(a) the date of the registrar's decision; or


(b) if written reasons for the decision are demanded, the date of those reasons.


(4)           The Labour Court, on good cause shown, may extend the period within which a person may note an appeal against a decision of the registrar.

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