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Amended Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act

by lloyd last modified 2010-08-27 04:02

Amended Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act

Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act (No. 130 of 1993 )
as amended by the
  • Amendment - Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases 1997, and  Amendment - Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act 1993

Summary: To provide for compensation for disablement caused by occupational injuries or diseases sustained or contracted by employees in the course of their employment, or for death resulting from such injuries or diseases; and to provide for matters connected therewith.

Be it enacted by the Parliament of the Republic of South Africa as follows:-

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Interpretation of Act

   1.  Definitions

Chapter 2: Administration of Act

   2.  Compensation Director-General and staff

   3.  Delegation of powers and assignment of duties by Director-General

   4.  Functions of Director-General

   5.  Power of Director-General to acquire and alienate immovable property and to raise money

   6.  Powers of Director-General regarding witnesses and subpoenas

   7.  Powers of authorised person

   8.  Assessors

   9.  Benefits payable to assessors

   10.  Compensation Board

   11.  Constitution of Board

   12.  Functions of Board

   13.  Term of office and remuneration of members of Board

   14.  Meetings of Board

Chapter 3: Compensation Fund and Reserve Fund

   15.  Compensation fund

   16.  Application of compensation fund

   17.  Valuation of compensation fund

   18.  Accounting

   19.  Reserve fund

   20.  Accounts and audit

   21.  Income of funds exempt from tax

Chapter 4: Compensation for Occupational Injuries

   22.  Right of employee to compensation

   23.  Accidents outside Republic

   24.  Application of Act to seamen and airmen

   25.  Accidents during training for or performance of emergency services

   26.  Special circumstances in which Director-General may refuse award

   27.  Special circumstances in which Director-General may make award

   28.  Employee requiring constant help

   29.  Liability for payment of compensation

   30.  Mutual associations

   31.  Security for payment of compensation and cost of medical aid by employers individually liable

   32.  Compensation may not be alienated or reduced

   33.  Cession or relinquishment of benefits void

   34.  Compensation not to form part of deceased employee's estate

   35.  Substitution of compensation for other legal remedies

   36.  Recovery of damages and compensation paid from third parties

   37.  Threats and compulsion

Chapter 5: Claims for Compensation

   38.  Notice of accident by employee to employer

   39.  Notice of accident by employer to commissioner

   40.  Inquiry by Director-General into accident

   41.  Particulars in support of claim

   42.  Employee to submit to medical examination

   43.  Claim for compensation

   44.  Prescription

   45.  Consideration of claim

   46.  Appearance of parties

Chapter 6: Determination and Calculation of Compensation

   47.  Compensation for temporary total or partial disablement

   48.  Expiry of compensation for temporary total or partial disablement

   49.  Compensation for permanent disablement

   50.  Amendment of Schedule 2

   51.  Compensation for permanent disablement of employee in training or under 26 years of age

   52.  Payment of lump sum in lieu of pension

   53.  Compensation to employee previously in receipt of compensation

   54.  Amount of compensation if employee dies

   55.  Amendment of Schedule 4

   56.  Increased compensation due to negligence of employer

   57.  Increase of monthly pensions

   58.  Advances on compensation

   59.  Control over payment of compensation

   60.  Pensioner resident outside Republic

   61.  Recovery of compensation or other benefits

   62.  Provisional settlements

   63.  Manner of calculating earnings

   64.  Certain compensation to employers prohibited

Chapter 7: Occupational Diseases

   65.  Compensation for occupational diseases

   66.  Presumption regarding cause of occupational disease

   67.  Calculation of compensation

   68.  Notice of occupational disease by employee and employer

   69.  Amendment of Schedule 3

   70.  Appointment of medical advisory panels

Chapter 8: Medical Aid

   71.  First aid

   72.  Conveyance of injured employee

   73.  Medical expenses

   74.  Submission of medical report

   75.  Director-General to decide on need for, and nature and sufficiency of, medical aid

   76.  Fees for medical aid

   77.  Contributions by employees towards cost of medical aid prohibited

   78.  Medical aid provided by employers

   79.  Consultation of representative medical authorities by Director-General

Chapter 9: Obligations of Employers

   80.  Employer to register with commissioner and to furnish him with particulars

   81.  Employer to keep record

   82.  Employer to furnish returns of earnings

   83.  Assessment of employer

   84.  Certain employers exempt from assessment

   85.  Variation of tariff of assessment

   86.  Assessment to be paid by employer to commissioner

   87.  Failure to pay assessment or other moneys

   88.  Contributions by employers individually liable and mutual associations

   89.  Mandators and contractors

Chapter 10: Legal Procedures

   90.  Review of decisions by Director-General

   91.  Objections and appeal against decisions of Director-General

   92.  Director-General may state case for Supreme Court

   93.  Evidence

Chapter 11: General

   94.  Arrangements with foreign states regarding compensation

   95.  Certain documents exempt from stamp duty

   96.  Disclosure of information

   97.  Regulations

   98.  False statements

   99.  Penalties

   100.  Repeal of laws

   101.  Short title and commencement

Schedule 12: Schedules

   Laws Repealed

   Schedule 2

   Schedule 3

   Manner Of Calculating Compensation

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