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Basic Guide to Overtime (Domestic Workers)

by Zopedol — last modified 2007-11-28 13:59
The amount of overtime a worker may work is limited.  Workers must get 1.5 times their normal pay or paid time off in exchange for overtime.


Sectoral Determination 7 applies to all domestic workers  (including independent contractors and those employed by agencies), except domestic workers who -
  • work on farms; or
  • are covered by -
    • another sectoral determination, or
    • a bargaining council agreement.

The Basic Conditions of Employment Act applies in respect of any matter not covered by this sectoral determination.


Overtime Hours

Workers may not work –
  • overtime, unless by agreement
  • more than 10 hours’ overtime a week (collective agreement may increase this to 15 hours per week for up to 2 months a year)
  • more than 12 hours on any day.

Pay for Overtime

Employers must pay workers overtime at 1.5 times the normal wage.
Alternatively, a worker may agree to receive paid time off.

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