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Basic Guide to Compensation Fund Registration

by admin — last modified 2008-09-12 11:37
All employers must register with the Compensation Fund so that their workers can claim compensation for occupational injuries and diseases.  All registered employers (with a few exceptions) pay an annual assessment fee.


The Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act applies to:
  • all employers; and
  • casual and full-time workers who, as a result of a workplace accident or work-related disease:
    • are injured, disabled, or killed; or
    • become ill.
This excludes -
  • workers who are totally or partially disabled for less than 3 days;
  • domestic workers;
  • anyone receiving military training;
  • members of –
    • the South African National Defence Force, or
    • the South African Police Service;
  • any worker guilty of wilful misconduct, unless they are seriously disabled or killed;
  • anyone employed outside the RSA for 12 or more continuous months; and
  • workers working mainly outside the RSA and only temporarily employed in the RSA.


Who Must Register?

Anyone who employs 1 or more workers must register with the Compensation Fund and pay annual assessment fees.
A separate registration is necessary for each separate branch of a business, unless an arrangement for combined registration has been made.

Based on Legislation in Section 80, of the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act

Benefits of Registration


Employers are protected against civil claims if a worker is injured on duty.


Workers who are injured on duty can claim compensation for temporary or permanent disablement.


If workers die as a result of an injury on duty, their dependants can claim compensation.

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