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Amended Basic Conditions of Employment Act

by lloyd last modified 2008-05-27 18:12

Basic Conditions of Employment Act (No. 75 of 1997 )

as amended by the
  • Basic Conditions of Employment Amendment Act, 2002,
  • Contract Cleaning Wage increase, and  Domestic workers wage increase 1 Dec 2007
  • Summary: To give effect to the right to fair labour practices referred to in section 23(1) of the Constitution by establishing and making provision for the regulation of basic conditions of employment; and thereby to comply with the obligations of the Republic as a member state of the International Labour Organisation; and to provide for matters connected therewith.

    Be it enacted by the Parliament of the Republic of South Africa as follows:-

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1: Definitions, purpose and application of this Act

       1.  Definitions

       2.  Purpose of this Act

       3.  Application of this Act

       4.  Inclusion of provisions in contracts of employment

       5.  This Act not affected by agreements

    Chapter 2: Regulation of working time

       6.  Application of this Chapter

       7.  Regulation of working time

       8.  Interpretation of day

       9.  Ordinary hours of work

       10.  Overtime

       11.  Compressed working week

       12.  Averaging of hours of work

       13.  Determination of hours of work by Minister

       14.  Meal intervals

       15.  Daily and weekly rest period

       16.  Pay for work on Sundays

       17.  Night work

       18.  Public holidays

    Chapter 3: Leave

       19.  Application of this Chapter

       20.  Annual leave

       21.  Pay for annual leave

       22.  Sick leave

       23.  Proof of incapacity

       24.  Application to occupational accidents or diseases

       25.  Maternity leave

       26.  Protection of employees before and after birth of a child

       27.  Family responsibility leave

    Chapter 4: Particulars of employment and remuneration

       28.  Application of this Chapter

       29.  Written particulars of employment

       30.  Informing employees of their rights

       31.  Keeping of records

       32.  Payment of remuneration

       33.  Information about remuneration

       34.  Deductions and other acts concerning remuneration

       35.  Calculation of remuneration and wages

    Chapter 5: Termination of employment

       36.  Application of this Chapter

       37.  Notice of termination of employment

       38.  Payment instead of notice

       39.  Employees in accommodation provided by employers

       40.  Payments on termination

       41.  Severance pay

       42.  Certificate of service

    Chapter 6: Prohibition of employment of children and forced labour

       43.  Prohibition of employment of children

       44.  Employment of children of 15 years or older

       45.  Medical examinations

       46.  Prohibitions

       47.  Evidence of age

       48.  Prohibition of forced labour

    Chapter 7: Variation of basic conditions of employment

       49.  Variation by agreement

       50.  Variation by Minister

    Chapter 8: Sectoral determinations

       51.  Sectoral determination

       52.  Investigation

       53.  Conduct of investigation

       54.  Preparation of report

       55.  Making of sectoral determination

       56.  Period of operation of sectoral determination

       57.  Legal effect of sectoral determination

       58.  Employer to keep a copy of sectoral determination

    Chapter 9: Employment Conditions Commission

       59.  Establishment and functions of Employment Conditions Commission

       60.  Composition of Commission

       61.  Public hearings

       62.  Report by Commission

    Chapter 10: Monitoring, enforcement and legal proceedings

    Part 1 : Monitoring and enforcement

       63.  Appointment of labour inspectors

       64.  Functions of labour inspectors

       65.  Powers of entry

       66.  Powers to question and inspect

       67.  Co-operation with labour inspectors

       68.  Securing an undertaking

       69.  Compliance order

       70.  Limitations

       71.  Objections to compliance order

       72.  Appeals from order of Director-General

       73.  Order may be made order of Labour Court

    Part 2 : Legal proceedings

       74.  Consolidation of proceedings

       75.  Payment of interest

       76.  Proof of compliance

       77.  Jurisdiction of Labour Court

    Part 3 : Protection of employees against discrimination

       78.  Rights of employees

       79.  Protection of rights

       80.  Procedure for disputes

       81.  Burden of proof

    Chapter 11: General

       82.  Temporary employment services

       83.  Deeming of persons as employees

       84.  Duration of employment

       85.  Delegation

       86.  Regulations

       87.  Codes of Good Practice

       88.  Minister's power to add and change footnotes

       89.  Representation of employees or employers

       90.  Confidentiality

       91.  Answers not to be used in criminal prosecutions

       92.  Obstruction, undue influence and fraud

       93.  Penalties

       94.  This Act binds the State

       95.  Transitional arrangements and amendment and repeal of laws

       96.  Short title and commencement

    Schedule 1: Procedures For Progressive Reduction Of Maximum Working Hours

       Procedures for progressive reduction of maximum working hours

    Schedule 2: Maximum Permissible Fines That May Be Imposed For Failure To Comply With This Act

       Maximum permissible fines that may be imposed for failure to comply with this act

    Schedule 3: Transitional Provisions


    Schedule 4: Laws Repealed By Section 95(5)

       Laws repealed by section 95(5)

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