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Form LRA 7.18 - Application to certify council award and writ of execution

by admin — last modified 2015-05-13 16:17

What is The Purpose of This Form?

This form requests the Director of the CCMA to certify that an award made by a CCMA Commissioner is a genuine award.

Who Fills in This Form?

A party applying to have an arbitration award certified must complete Part 1. They must state whether they are the referring party or the other party in the matter. If the party is a legal person such as a trade union, employer’s organisation or company, the form must be completed by a duly authorised representative


If the party against whom an award was made does not comply with an award that has been certified, the award may be enforced in the same manner as a Labour Court order.
This is done by:
Part 1
  • obtaining a copy of the arbitration award;
  • obtaining proof of service of the award on the other party from the CCMA office;
  • attaching a copy of the arbitration award and proof of service to this form;
  • completing part 1 of this form by the applicant or, by a duly authorised representative;
  • making an oath before a Commissioner of Oaths;

Part 2

  • submitting the form to the Director of the CCMA for certification;

Part 3

  • obtaining a writ of execution from the Registrar of the Labour Court in the case of an award ordering the payment of money; or
  • in the case of any other award, initiating contempt of court proceedings in the Labour Court.
  • A copy of the Commissioner’s award.
  • Proof that the award was served on the other party.


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